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Bamboo For All Seasons

1) RENEWABLE RESOURCE--canes can be harvested and new ones are always growing in the Spring and Summer season
2) QUICK GROWTH--you do not have to wait an entire lifetime to have a good sized plant in your yard
3) PROTECTION--Bamboo is as strong as steel and allow winds to blow through the canes without uproot or damage. Hurricane season is coming upon us once again. Bamboo provides shelter better than most plants.
4) PRIVACY--Density of many varieties creates total privacy from surrounding neighbors. Use it as a hedge or strategic placement to block one spot in the yard.
5) CLEAN AIR--Bamboo is probably the most efficient plant when it comes to converting c02 to Oxygen. IMAGINE HOW CLEAN THE AIR WOULD BE IF EVERYBODY PLANTED A BAMBOO IN THEIR YARD!!
6) SOOTHING SOUNDS--The swaying of the long canes creates a peaceful clanking and squeeking noise unlike any other plant

The BAMBOO FARM is a specialized nursery located in sunny SW Florida which grows non-invasive varieties of clumping bamboo for landscaping purposes. We are open to the public 7 days a week and no appointment is necessary. We grow our own quality plants—offered at affordable prices. Delivery is also available.

Don’t know what you are looking for? Come browse our beautifully landscaped acres of idea gardens which include bamboo and other commonly used tropical plants. The bamboo has been growing for over 8 years so it is easy to see its mature form. Let our staff horticulturist give you some suggestions on varieties which will work well with your landscape plan.

Bring the entire family including the friendly family pet. Our huge selection will give you many choices for your privacy hedge or perhaps that special Zen garden you have always wanted to add.

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